Children's dermatologist

Children's dermatologist is a skin doctor, specialising in treating skin conditions of patients up to 14 years old

Paediatric dermatologist teaches the child from an early age how to properly take care of the skin and its health, turning it into a life-long habit. Both during the consultation and the treatment process the child is playfully involved in simple procedures (e.g. cleaning his/her own skin); the procedure is explained and made interesting to the young patient. The further skin care, too, is taught in an exciting manner.

During the doctor’s appointment, the child is accompanied by a parent or a guardian, who can decide whether certain manipulations or procedures should be performed.

It is rather common that parents choose to take their child to the skin doctor they have been seeing – the doctor’s in-depth knowledge on family’s medical history can benefit the treatment process. An experienced dermatologist will know how to treat the young patient, as well as will recognise the situations that will require sending the child to specific specialists.

Treatment process


General examination of the patient’s physical condition and consultation

Course of treatment

A personalised treatment course is developed

Follow-up appointment

After the treatment course, the patient receives instructions on continuous and independent maintenance of personal physical well-being

Consultation fee

QualificationFirst visitRepeat visit
Doctor 25 € 15 €
Highly-qualified Doctor 35 € 30 €
Dr. Med. 40 € 35 €
Professor 50 € 40 €

List of services

Pakalpojums Vizītes cenas Procedūras cenas
Birthmark examination 25 € - 50  7 € - 12 
Mole removal 25 € - 50  7.11 € - 213.43  
Wart liquidation 25 € - 50  Depends on the means used
Psoriasis-treatment 25 € - 50 €  Depends on the means used
STS test 25 € - 50 €  1.42  - 40.98 
Removal of papillomas 25 € - 50 €  Depends on the means used

Clinic’s dermatologists


Rezidents Dace Buile

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Dr. Gerda Petersone

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Highly qualified doctors

Dr. Aleksej Zavorin

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Dr. Zanda Bogdanova

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Dr. Sigrija Freiberga

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Dr. Dmitry Maloshik

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Dr. Med.

Dr. Med. Olga Zaikovska

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Prof. Janis Kisis

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