• Cosmetologist with 5 years of experience
  • Working only with proven technology
  • Uses only professional derma-cosmetic, developed by dermatologists

Treatment process

First time consultation and diagnosis takes approximately 30 minutes; the duration of the procedure depends on the procedure or procedure plan.


Learning about client’s medical history and bad habits that can affect the condition of the skin

Skin condition diagnosis

The condition of the skin is carefully evaluated, examining it under a special lamp and magnifying glass; diagnosis if the skin is sensitive, dry, etc.

First time procedure

A procedure based on the skin type and current condition is advised


Consultation on further skin care, advice on the choice of skin care products. If desired, making of the follow-up appointment for the next procedure

Ineta Skiltere

„Our skin is unforgiving - it remembers everything we do to it. That is exactly why I do everything in my power to improve the client's skin's well-being, especially after demanding procedures. My motto - do no harm!”

Sandra Otto

„Our beauty is a gift of God, but maintaining it is the art of a person – which I, as a beauty specialist, strive to promote and perfect.”

Cosmetologist is the specialist that takes care of the skin’s visual condition, performing procedures for improving it, as well as determining which skin care products are suitable for use.

If dermatologist is the skin doctor, the cosmetologist can be considered the skin therapist. Dermatology procedures are directly connected with improving skin’s health, whereas cosmetology treats the skin post-procedure – it treats skin dryness and irritation, nourishes and soothes the skin.

In order to achieve the best results, the skin must be taken care of after it has been treated and healed. The cosmetologist will help with independent skin care, advising on the most suitable skin care products, as well as instructing on their use.

Cosmetology procedures are not recommended for:

  • Any skin type at any age,
  • Problematic skin,
  • Lifeless, tired skin,
  • Dry skin,
  • Oily skin with enlarged pores,
  • Uneven skin with fine wrinkles,
  • Atonic skin,
  • and more.

 Cosmetology procedures are not recommended when suffering from:

  • Acute infection process,
  • High temperature,
  • Acute herpes virus infection,
  • Open wounds in the treatment area,
  • Acute head cold,
  • Barley-corn eye,
  • Acute virus infections.

Consultation fee

QualificationFirst appointmentFollow-up appointment
Doctor 25 € 15 €
Highly qualified doctor 35 € 30 €

Price services


Skin cleansing

Deep skin cleansing (problematic skin) From 40 - 50 €


Chemical peel 40 €
GREEN PEEL® herbal peel From 70 - 160 €

Soothing procedures

Skin rejuvenation 40 €
SOS procedure 40 €
Anti-stress procedure 40 €
Anti-age lifting 50 €
Pigmentation spot reduction 40 €

Clinic's cosmetologists


Cosmetologist Ineta Skiltere

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Cosmetologist Sandra Otto

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Highly qualified doctors

Cosmetologist Dr. Sigrija Freiberga

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