Dr. Aleksejs Zavorins’ new skills and knowledge

Dr. Aleksejs Zavorins’ new skills and knowledge


Dr. Aleksejs Zavorins resumes work at Prof. Janis Kisis’ clinic after 3-month internship in Austria (“Landeskrankenhaus Graz Universitätsklinik für Dermatologie und Venerologie”). 

During his internship, Dr. Zavorins improved his skills in dermatoscopic examination of moles, birthmarks and other skin formations, as well as gained knowledge on treatment of general skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. The perspective doctor has dedicated special attention to the administration of phototherapy in treating psoriasis and vitiligo patients.

Dr. Zavorins has assisted in dermatologic operations and improved his skills in working with medical lasers and IPL devices.

Dr. Zavorins graduated RSU Medical faculty cum laude and continues to participate in international seminars and congresses in Germany, Spain, Denmark and Austria. The doctor, together with Prof. Kisis, is the co-author of Springer’s cryosurgery manual. 


(Dr. Zavorins with world-renowned oncodermatologist Dr. I. Zalaudek)

At the hospital of the Medical University of Graz, Dr. Zavorins interned with such well-known dermatologists as Dr. I. Zalaudek and Dr. L. Cerroni.