Nutrition specialist

  • Individually adapted nutritional therapy
  • CoolSculpting body sculpting consultations
  • Member of Latvian Nutrition and Dietetics Association

Ansis Zauers

"Beauty is not just skin deep. It comes from within, hand in hand with health. Any aesthetical procedure will yield short-term results if problems will not be treated at the very core with change of diet."

Nutritional therapy process

First-time consultation

Evaluating current dietary habits and patterns, setting goals and first steps in reaching the desired results

Following recommendations

The patient individually applies gradual changes in dietary habits and lifestyle, following nutritionist’s recommendations

Follow-up consultation

Appointment in 2-4 weeks. How were the recommendations carried out and how challenging was it to follow them? Further changes in diet

Consultation price

Type of consultationPrice
First-time consultation (60 min.) 50 €
Follow-up consultation (40 min.) 30 €

Clinic's Nutrition specialist

Ansis Zauers

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