Physiotherapy is a combination of various procedures for:

  • Improving the physical functional health status
  • Healing injuries
  • Sickness prevention

Treatment process


Evaluation of the general physical functional health status and consultation

Treatment course

A personal treatment course is created

Follow-up appointment

Once the treatment course is completed, a programme for individual maintenance of physical health is created

Physiotherapist evaluates patient’s physical functional health status, determining its impact on various daily activities and actions and how they affect the patient’s well-being. Physiotherapy is necessary when changes in the physical functional status are observed. These changes can be acute (sudden), chronic (permanent) or caused by daily activities.

Acute physical functional status changes are sudden traumas that, in most cases, have been caused by physical activity (i.e. twisted ankle, muscle sprain, etc.).

Chronic physical functional status changes are diagnosed deflections from the norm of physical health (i.e. spinal cord injuries or problems with spinal cord). Physiotherapy helps the patient to reach normal health status and prevent the condition from progressing, but the health status remains consistent.

Changes in physical functional status caused by daily activities are usually connected to everyday strain (i.e. work environment, desk job, etc.) that has caused asymmetrical muscle tension or incessant discomfort.

For evaluating physical functional health status, the physiotherapist applies various methods:

  • Patient’s statement of the physical well-being,
  • Posture and gait analysis,
  • Movement and muscle function evaluation,
  • Balance and coordination tests,
  • Muscle and ligament evaluation,
  • Reaction to muscle load,
  • Respiratory function evaluation,
  • The patient can be referred to other specialists for different tests.

Physiotherapy helps with:

  • Impaired physical mobility,
  • Aches,
  • Post-injury rehabilitation period,
  • Various bone, joint and muscle disorders,
  • Nervous system disorders,
  • Respiratory system disorders,
  • Cardiovascular system disorders,
  • etc.

Physiotherapy process

Physiotherapy treatment process can be divided into two general categories: active and passive.

Active physiotherapy refers to patient’s active involvement in the treatment process. This method applies rehabilitation exercises, balance and coordination exercises, relaxation techniques, various specific therapies. Active physiotherapy is especially important in treating serious health disorders, for the desired result of the therapy can be achieved only by active involvement of the patient.

Passive physiotherapy refers to patient’s passive state during the process of the therapy. This method includes such procedures as massages, muscle stretching, taping and various physical, effective manipulations. Passive physiotherapy is usually applied in improving localised physical status.

Consultation price

20% discount is applied with family doctor’s referral
Type of consultationFirst-time consultationFollow-up consultation
Physiotherapist’s consultation (30 min. / 20 min.) 18 € 10 €
Physiotherapist’s consultation (60 min. with personalised rehabilitation exercise complex) 30 € -
Physiotherapist’s consultation (examination + diagnostics + manual therapy + personalised rehabilitation exercise complex) 40 € -
Physiotherapist’s consultation (60 min.) 30 € 35 €
Physiotherapist’s consultation for children (30 min. / 20 min.) 25 € 20 €


Every procedure is customised to fit the patient’s physical state and desired results.

List of services

Every procedure is customised to fit the patient’s physical state and desired results


Back massage (30 min.) 18.00€
Chest massage (30 min.) 14.00€
Neck – chest massage (25 min.) 14.00€
Arm and shoulder massage (one arm) (15 min.) 10.00€
Arm and shoulder massage (both arms) (45 min.) 22.00€
Both arm, shoulder and chest massage (45 min.) 22.00€
Collar area massage (20 min.) 10.00€
Collar area and shoulder joint massage (30 min.) 16.00€
Leg and lower back massage (one leg) (30 min.) 18.00€
Leg massage (one leg) (15 min.) 10.00€
Leg massage (both legs) (30 min.) 20.00€
Leg and lower back massage (both legs) (45 min.) 26.00€
Head massage (20 min.) 10.00€
General massage (60 min.) 30.00€
General massage (90 min.) 45.00€
Sculpting massage for problematic areas (60 min.) 40.00€
Aromatherapy massage (60 min.) 35.00€
Lomilomi massage (60 min.) 40.00€
Lomilomi massage (120 min.) 60.00€

Rehabilitation exercise

Individual rehabilitation exercise (30 min.) 15.00€
Individual rehabilitation exercise (40 min.) 20.00€
Individual rehabilitation exercise (60 min.) 26.00€

Medical taping

Kinesiology taping (1m) 7.00€
Dynamic taping (1m) 10.00€

Sling therapy

45 min. therapy 20 €
60 min. therapy 25 €
90 min. therapy 30 €

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