Remote dermatologist consultation

  • Teleconsultations in emergency or remote situations
  • Communication via phone, Skype or e-mail
  • Doctors of various qualifications for any medical help with skin problems

Treatment process

Remote consultation

Specialist’s consultation via phone, e-mail or Skype

Problem identification

Patient/doctor describes the problem, attaching photographs if necessary

Scheduling an appointment

After evaluating the potential cause of the problem and the degree of urgency, an appointment with a doctor is scheduled

Teledermatology or remote (online) dermatologist consultation (also known as telemedicine) is doctor’s consultation via phone or in writing on dermatological problems.

Note that remote consultation cannot substitute for a specialist’s examination. Only clinical examination can provide an accurate diagnosis; certain cases may call for taking lab tests during the examination.


Teledermatology is suitable for:

  • Urgent or emergency situations when it is not possible to have an appointment with the specialist in person,
  • Remote consultation while being abroad,
  • Consulting rural doctors on their patient’s dermatological condition.

Teledermatology is not suitable for:

  • Self-treating,
  • Making accurate diagnosis,
  • Determining the treatment course,
  • Substituting an appointment with the specialist.

Making a telemedicine appointment and receiving medical advice remotely

1. A patient requiring advice by phone (e.g. while visiting the countryside, located abroad, requesting analysis results and in similar cases) calls the clinic.

2. The administration schedules the date and time of the remote appointment. After making the appointment, the patient immediately receives an SMS containing the:

  • Phone number to call for their appointment: 67220033
  • Time of the appointment
  • Name of the consulting physician
  • Bank details required to pay for the appointment
  • Payable amount

3. The administration notifies accounting about the expected payment.

4. The patient completes the payment. Accounting checks incoming payments in the evening or early in the morning and notifies the administration.

5. The patient makes the call at the scheduled time. If payment has been made, remote medical advice is provided. Upon the patient’s request, accounting issues and sends an invoice to the patient’s e-mail address (or by SMS, WhatsApp, etc.)

6. Accounting registers the provision of a telemedicine service in their report.

Consultation fee

QualificationFirst visitRepeat visit
Doctor 25 € 15 €
Highly-qualified Doctor 35 € 30 €
Dr. Med. 40 € 35 €
Professor 50 € 40 €

Doctors of the Clinic

Highly qualified doctors

Dr. Aleksej Zavorin

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Dr. Dmitry Maloshik

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Dr. Med.

Dr. Med. Olga Zaikovska

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Prof. Janis Kisis

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