Medical foot care

  • Podologists with 5+ years of experience
  • Continuous education and development
  • Experience as emergency medical technician

Treatment process


Evaluating the condition of toenails and feet, creating personalised treatment plan (30 min.)


The number of appointments depends on the type of the procedure as well as the complication of the problem


Periodical medical pedicure is advised for maintaining healthy feet

Gunita Brokane

„I do my work with great love, precision and attention to detail, side by side with my colleagues – dermatologists in order to provide the patient with the best results!”

Anita Vancane


“I always offer an overall experience, not just professional service. After all, our feet will lead us to where our hearts desire.” 

Podologist is a specialist for maintaining the health status of our feet. Unlike pedicurists, who offer procedures for healthy feet, podologist evaluates the health status of our toenails and feet, noticing deviations in the structure of skin and toenails, as well as applies various lower limb tests (i.e. analyses pressure sensation, vibration sensation, temperature sensation, pulse, evaluates skin tone changes, etc).


Who requires medical foot and toenail care?

Foot and toenail care is the foundation of general care of healthy feet, but it is especially important for:

  • Diabetes patients,
  • Patients with blood circulation and sensory disorders,
  • Patients with musculoskeletal disorders,
  • Elderly people having difficulties with self-care of feet.

Podologist is qualified to:

  • Perform medical pedicure,
  • Treat problem areas of feet,
  • Treat diabetes patients’ feet,
  • Apply localised medication treatment of feet,
  • Create or adapt individual tools and aids,
  • Perform surgical manipulations assigned by a doctor.

Medical pedicure is suitable for treating:

  • Calluses,
  • Cracked skin (front of the feet, heels),
  • Ingrown nails,
  • Changes in shape or colour of nails,
  • Foot corns,
  • Warts,
  • Open sores,
  • Skin and nail fungus,
  • etc.

Price of consultation

Podologist’s consultation (30 min.) 10 €

List of services

Medical pedicure 30 €
Treatment of problem areas 15 €
Toenail treatment 15 €
UV toenail polish application 10 €
Medical toenail polish application 5 €
Shoe disinfection with KLENZ 3 EUR /per pair; 2 EUR /2+ pairs

Clinic’s podologists

Podologist Gunita Brokane

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Podologist Anita Vancane

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Podologist Jana Freiberga

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